Brands Hatch Test Track Evening 14/04/21.


Hi All,  so I had my final Pre-season test / track evening @ Brands Hatch on Wednesday....... I got about 60-75 mins in the Car with the revised front suspension settings adjusted for the Dry Circuit.

Handling was pretty much spot on,   although i adjusted the rears a tad as it was oversteering very slightly.

New Pads were fitted to the rear 2 days before so I was bedding them in for the 1st 4-5 laps, so they hopefully didn't Gloss over!!  But braking seemed fine so nothing to report there.

New interior Camera still being tested for best fixing place / view settings.

A few people had gone off track during the evening so i didn't quite get the full time i'd have liked.......& this was born out when towards the end of the Session I was getting some very Loud Cabin noise, and I didn't have time to ascertain where it was eminating from.

Turns out on inspection back at Home that the Exhaust Down Pipe weld had let go!! .....this had been a previous problem we thought we had overcome, so Exhaust will need to come off this weekend for rectification/re-work.

Luckily in a way it had gone during testing and not shown itself when we get to our Race Weekend at Donington Park next Week.!! 

So that aside very much looking forward to a shortened 3 Days work next week and ready for the Big 1st Race Weekend up in Derbyshire from Fri 23rd ...........................Stay Safe, & Stay Tuned.......  

Brands Hatch Test Track Evening  14/04/21.