TunerFest South, RWYB. 20/06/21.


A Great Car enthusiasts Day @ TunerFest South Brands Indy,    although it was looking like Rain all day we had surprisingly little.......I managed to get 3 out of my 4 RWYB sessions, as the last one was cancelled after a Pro series Time Attack Big accident at approach to Paddock Hill, with the car rolling numerous times and ended on the top of the Barrier ( luckily Driver is OK ).

My 3rd session saw a 59sec lap which is good for me because i regularly hit 1min's.

Thanks to family & friends that came along.....Video link to 59 sec Lap here :- https://youtu.be/TSi6X4Tl38w 

Rear Cam Sierra Sapphire Cosworth : -https://youtu.be/EHupAP-W1fU 

Official Time Attack Drone Cam & Photos to come......

TunerFest South,  RWYB.   20/06/21.